Global, Asia & India: The emerging new global Big Picture in textiles in wake of trade conflicts
The global business dynamics is changing fast over ongoing Trade conflict between USA & China. This is not only on the front of exports of goods from China to the USA rather the impact has been far wide across the entire supply chain across the world including on imports of raw material. Similarly, trade conflicts between other regions and conflicts arising from ‘rule of origin’ and others are impacting the entire global business. A big projection on the new World Order in textile and apparel landscape.

Localisation, and not Globalisation is the new normal

Trade Treaties & FTAs around India & the Region
The textile and apparel business in the global trade is influenced more by trade pacts, FTAs and working towards regional blocs than any other factor. India, conventionally has not been on the right side and position to avail the benefits of these pacts, rather it has been competing with countries who are beneficiary of such trade treaties. What does this lead India’s position to? Do we see this changing in the coming years…

Growth Opportunities in the Textile & Apparel across Sectors, across Categories, across Regions in India, global markets
The textile and apparel business for domestic market as well as sourcing, exports is offering growing opportunities in Home Textiles, Technical Textiles, Garmenting (Specially new categories like Active wear and sportswear) and in Retail

Connecting the Dots: Supply Chain integration with garment industry of India, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka
India is one of the most raw material rich countries in the world , whereas most of Asian garmenting countries need a robust supply of raw material that India can offer. Countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Thailand and other Asean countries can use this as an edge.

Calling Investors and Partnership Opportunities along Supply Chain
Conducive Policies for Investments in India like 100 % FDI in Textiles make it as a lucrative opportunity not only to supply raw material to the garmenting economies but also be a part of India’s textile and clothing story, as India is also emerging one of the largest consumption countries in Asia. Calling Investors across the world and Calling Partnerships across the Supply Chain.